Cherry On Top

Name: Arphodite


"I woke up one day and realized we no longer spoke the same language..So I never saw you again.."

~I follow back blogs who post things I'm interested in or catch my attention C:

~I adore anonymous questions no matter how crazy they may seem :3

harry potter/ lord of the rings/ slice of a cherry/ the lovely bones/ one tree hill/ grey's anatomy/ a walk to remember/ romance/ drama/ tragedy/ hurt & comfort

ed sheeran/ of monsters and men/ passenger/ bastille/ imagine dragons/ coldplay/ the neighborhood/ indie/ alternative rock

read/ write/ sketch/ drink caffeinated coffee/ travel/ meet new people/ shoes/ second chances/ forgiveness/ eternal happiness

judgmental people/ shallow thoughts/ cucumbers/ realistic romance books/ chapped lips/ the dark/ oblivion

"The more I talked and talked, the more you swayed and swayed. Then, we were distances and miles apart.."


Vertical&Vintage Blog
"The lost dreams are buried in my sleep for him
And this was the ecstasy of a love forgotten
And I’m thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets
And my blood is all I see
As you steal my soul from me"
My Blood, Ellie Goulding. (via thewaytowonder)

so i was just testing my camera settings and my shutter speed was pretty low and i accidentaly took this but now i kind of dig it ha ha